Waldmann CSB

Waldmann CSB  

Community. Supported. Brewery.  


There’s no graceful dance around it, 2020 has been fraught with hardship and loss for all of us- from a global to a deeply personal level. Small businesses, amidst necessary closures and the layoffs of our beloved and wonderful staff, have been hit with one sucker punch after another. This is particularly true for restaurants and breweries. While we miss your faces (and lighting your lanterns), we remain hopeful for the future. In the meantime, we’re excited to announce our own CSB (Community Supported Brewery) membership. This, friends, will help us all reach that light at the end of the tunnel. So mask up, hunker down, and fold Waldmann into your weekly rhythms.


CSB Food & Beer Tier:

 A 4-week subscription of one 3 course dinner per person per week handcrafted by Chef Natalie and ready for you to warm and serve in the comfort of your own home. Available only to CSB members. Each weekly dinner comes with reheating instructions and helpful hints to “chef up” your meal, plus one crowler of Waldmann beer per person. Beer pairings will vary based on Chef’s suggestion and your choice of light or dark beer. Weekly pickups are every Tuesday at a time of your choosing between 3-7pm.

 Please Note: This membership has a rolling registration! Subscriptions received by Friday each week will be ready for pickup the following Tuesday and for the next 3 Tuesdays.  To begin your CSB on Tuesday, February 9th, you must subscribe by Friday, February 5th 2021.

PRICE: $280 / 2 people $560 / 4 people


CSB The BEER Tier:

What would a Community Supported Brewery be without a CSB beer subscription? Now you can pick up three 750ml crowlers per week for four consecutive weeks for only $90 (that’s a 15+% discount) or 6 per week for $175 (almost 20% off). Current supplies include Pilsener, Dusseldorf Alt, Lichtenhainer, Weihnachtsbier, plus up to one-each per pick-up of our higher-priced Barrel Aged Doppelstikke and Roggenbier. No fancy scheduling required; pick-ups each week are Thursday-Sunday anytime we’re open (current hours are noon-8).

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